Episode 77, in which we check out Milwaukee with Colleen Hittman of the Fuel Café

Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My agenda included visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum and interviewing the museum’s curatorial director, Jim Fricke (Episode 69), and meeting up with motojournalism legend Peter Egan (Episode 63) at the MOA Getaway in Tomah, about two and a half hours west of Milwaukee.

I asked my Facebook friends what else motorcycle-related I should check out while I was in Milwaukee, and one of them recommended the Fuel Café. I reached out to them and Colleen Hittman, their service manager, replied. I was curious about the motorcycle community in the city and how a heavily motorcycle-themed restaurant ties into it. I also have to admit to being curious how a restaurant operates in general, having never been more than a customer in one. Colleen absolutely exceeded my expectations and we had a great conversation about the local motorcycle culture, hand-building motorcycles and of course, the restaurant itself.

You can find the Fuel Café 5th Street on their website and on social media with their Instagram and Facebook accounts. The food was fantastic and I always try to check out a local beer or two when I visit someplace new – Fuel did not disappoint in either respect!

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires sponsors Chasing the Horizon.

Coming up in Chasing the Horizon world, I’ll be travelling in the western USA this summer, including stops in California (destination: San Francisco), Colorado (Denver area), Idaho, Kentucky (Lexington area), Missouri (St. Louis), Montana (incl. Bozeman), Nebraska (Lincoln), Nevada (not Vegas), Oregon (Bend), West Virginia and Wyoming (Cheyenne). If you live in any of these places or have been there before, I would love to hear from you about places to visit and motorcycle institutions or people I should talk to about being on the show.

It’s a lot of ground to cover, I realize, and my routes through each state isn’t set in stone except for the week I’ll be in Great Falls, Montana, for the MOA Rally (rally dates – 25-27 June). What I have is a lot of flexibility, so I’m open to all ideas. You can send your ideas to [email protected]. Thanks for all your help!

I’m also headed to New Zealand and Australia in 2021 and starting to gather ideas about where to go in those countries. Feel free to send those ideas along as well!

The next discussion episode will be out on 2 March – I’m not entirely sure who the guest will be. There will be another Just the Facts episode out in the next week or so as well. See you out there on the road – or off it! Ride safe.