Michelle Lamphere wants more women riding (100)

WIMA and WRWR might not mean anything to you before you listen to what Michelle Lamphere has to say, but we guarantee they'll matter to you after you take in Episode 100! Oh, plus yeah, she also rode to Ushuaia without a support crew or diesel generators.

Vincent Hill is faster than you, but he's nice, too (099)

Most folks - especially in the motorcycle world - don't set out to be the first at something. Usually those folks who are first at something are doing what they love and don't let the fact nobody like them has done what they're doing before stop them. Vincent Hill is exactly that person.

Ani Surabhi is saving lives milliseconds at a time (098)

Ani won't shy away from the Star Wars jokes, but he's totally serious when it comes to saving motorcyclists' lives with high-tech helmets from Quin Design.

Coming Soon...

Episode 100 will be out on November 16. Who the guest will be is a secret! Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to check out our previous episodes, going all the way back to Episode 3, when our guest was recent Tom Larson, the founder of the Motorcycle Relief Project.

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