Episode 150, in which Alan Stulberg is becoming an event planner for the Handbuilt Show

I’ve been waiting to say this for a while: WELCOME TO EPISODE 150! That’s a monumental achievement if I do say so myself, because about half of all podcasts stop after producing just five episodes. It’s all thanks to you, the listeners, that we have over a quarter-million listens … and you sure don’t want to stop now, because this may be the juiciest episode yet!

Alan Stulberg started Revival Cycles because he didn’t like working for other people, and later started the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show almost out of spite – but I’ll let him tell you that story. Now the Austin, Texas, institution that Handbuilt has become is expanding – first to Los Angeles, then to (and you’ll hear it first on this episode) Italy!

You’ll hear all about the team it takes to put on such an iconic event not once, but three times in a year and in two countries to boot. It’s fascinating, I promise. Join Revival & Handbuilt on the web | Facebook | Instagram | X | YouTube.

In the news, we check in with Indian’s revamp of the entire Scout line and learn about what Evoke is calling the longest-range electric motorcycle in the industry: the 6061-GT.

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