Episode 151, in which we talk kids & cancer with Michael Battaglia of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Hey gang! Thanks for coming back for more, and by that I especially mean the nearly 500 of you who downloaded or listened to this episode before I even got the page up for it 🙂

Without getting into details, it’s been a rough couple years for my family health-wise, which is why episodes have been so sporadic. Things seem to have calmed down, so hopefully as soon as I get back from my annual pilgrimage to the MOA Rally (this year in Redmond, Oregon), I’ll be able to resume a normal twice-a-month schedule.

Michael (right) with Cameron (center) and another youngster.

Michael Battaglia has a long history outside the world of non-profits, but it’s his work with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and their Ride For Kids events that has us chatting on this episode. I’ve participated as a fundraiser and riding buddy for the PBTF/RFK in the past and I highly recommend the experience to everybody. As Michael discusses, motorcyclists—or as we’re more commonly known, “bikers”—are some of the biggest-hearted, most generous people around.

You can connect to the PBTF and the RFK on the internet, of course: PBTF website | RFK web page | Facebook | X | YouTube.

In the news, Colorado has legalized lane filtering for a three-year period to study its effect on traffic. Ducati has renewed its partnership with Shell and shaken up the MotoGP world a little by signing one-time (and perhaps future?) phenom Marc Marquez to its factory roster for the 2025-26 seasons. Unfortunately the company behind the $112,000 electric Arc Vector motorcycle has gone bankrupt. BMW Group is partnering with Rimac Technology to further develop EV batteries, drivetrains and the software that optimizes both of them.

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