Episode 152, in which we wax philosophic with Brady McLean of Go Fast Don’t Die

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When I got on the Zoom with Brady McLean, I’m ashamed to say I had a preconception of what it would be like to talk to a guy who started a motorcycle lifestyle company. I assumed I knew what he would be like, and you know what they say about assumptions—they make an ass out of u and me (ASS-U-ME). The adage proved true, and although I like to think I comported myself admirably, Brady 100% blew my preconceptions away with the discussion we had in this episode. He’s one of the most centered, philosophic-at-heart dudes I have met in a long time, and all I can say is I’m honored to have had him as a guest on this podcast.

This episode features some adult language; as a result, it may not be appropriate for younger listeners.

You can catch Brady’s inspirational personal Instagram, and of course Go Fast Don’t Die is on the web in force as well: website | Insta | Facebook | YouTube.

In the news, we look at the new trend in adventure motorcycles: automatic transmissions. That’s right! Both KTM and BMW have announced bikes with automatic transmissions in the last few weeks. Apparently if you want the best customer service experience when it comes to motorcycle dealers answering the phone, you’ll want to buy a Triumph—but not a Zero. Honda’s stonking CBR600RR returns to European dealers after a seven-year hiatus, even as Big Red doubles down on electric motorcycles with their PCX scooter line.

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