Episode 119, in which we hydrate (and more) with Heather Lea

Welcome to Episode 119 of Chasing the Horizon, the motorcycle industry podcast by, for and about motorcyclists of all sorts!

Did you know that Chasing the Horizon episodes have been listened to over 250,000 times? That’s right – as of 1 Sep 2021, our episodes have been heard more than a quarter of a million times. It’s amazing and humbling all at the same time. We hope you keep listening, because we have lots more great episodes planned!

For example, this one (119) with Heather Lea, a round-the-world rider and writer for Expedition Portal. We start off talking about how important it is to stay hydrated while riding, then move on to a number of other topics. Be sure to check out the story around Heather’s RTW ride with Dave on their website, Riding Full Circle.

In the news, we dissect Harley-Davidson’s claim to have the “best-selling adventure touring bike”, then take a look at Triumph‘s new middleweight Tiger and Kawasaki’s upcoming Z650RS, which looks as much like a vintage Bonneville as a motorcycle can without actually being a vintage Bonneville.

Yamaha is jumping on the safety radar bandwagon and pretty soon you’ll be able to get a sub-$5,000 electric motorcycle from American company SONDORS. Whether the bike itself is made in the USA remains to be seen, but at that price point, I think we can all safely bet it’s made somewhere else.

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1 thought on “Episode 119, in which we hydrate (and more) with Heather Lea”

  1. Heather is a great storyteller. The book will be most likely fascinating. Please do not make it into a travel log without the personal drama (the tears, the set backs, the fights, but also the love, the sense of wonder etc). It is that subjective point of view that will become the narrative, the story line, not the objective descriptions of one damn country after another. And as you say in the podcast, taking some distance from the trip could help in writing a better book. The best example is the book Lone Rider by Elspeth Beard. It is by far the best adventure riding book I’ve ever read, and she wrote it decades after the trip.

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