Episode 69, in which we talk artifacts with Jim Fricke, Curatorial Director at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Greetings!! Welcome to Episode 69 of Chasing the Horizon, in which we talk about chronicling the history of a motorcycle manufacturer with Jim Fricke (pronounced FRIK-ee), the Curatorial Director of the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I spent the better part of a week in Milwaukee back at the end of September and beginning of October. I was bridging the distance between the AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio, and a MOA event I needed to attend a couple hours west of Milwaukee. You might remember another discussion from that trip, the one with legendary motorcycle journalist Peter Egan in Episode 63.

Tsunami bike on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Thanks to my friends Greg and Natalie and their friend Kimberly, I was able to connect with the nice folks at the Harley-Davidson museum and arrange the discussion with Jim. Going in the employee entrance was a big difference from going in the front door of the museum, and it really is a fantastic museum no matter what brand of motorcycle you like to ride.

Because Jim is a behind the scenes kind of guy, there’s not much out there on the internet to refer you to, but you can check out a five-question interview Jim did with Motorcyclist Online and meet him (sort of) in a C-Span video about a book about motorcycles if you like. I couldn’t get any photos of Jim – he’s shy – but check out that cool looking bike there. The overview photo (the black & white one) is of Vivian Bales, known as the “Enthusiast Girl” in Harley’s promotional materials.

Are you ready for 2020? Where are you planning to ride next year? Planning on buying a bike? Modding one? Learning how to change your own tires? You can let me know about any of that and more – especially if you have a suggestion of somebody you’d like to hear me talk to on the show. Reach out via email to [email protected].

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See you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.