Episode 89, in which we Doodle on a Motorcycle with Carolyn

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Photo courtesy George Evan and Alfaro Andreas.

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And now … on with the show!

My guest on this episode is Carolyn, better known as Doodle on a Motorcycle. She’s a young rider and has been riding about five years. Head on over to Doodle’s YouTube channel to get caught up on over 100 videos she’s made in the last three years. Carolyn’s videos cover everything from choosing a bike and why people ride (or quit riding) to maintenance and riding skills. Her enthusiasm for motorcycles is infectious, and I predict you’ll be a subscriber within just a few videos.

You can also follow Carolyn on Instagram (@doodleonamotorcycle) if you’re a ‘Grammer. My favorite part of our discussion has got to be the sheer joy she exhibits when talking about all things motorcycle – it may come as a surprise to you, but I’m kind of a surly fella, so pleasant, happy people often come as a bit of a shock to my system. A welcome shock, but a shock nonetheless. Oh – and the hair thing she mentions at the end of our discussion? You can find that on the RaciBabi website.

The next episode – number 90, if you can believe that! – will go out on 25 May and will be the last of the weekly surge episodes. That’s right, in June I’m going back to my usual two-a-month schedule. My guest in that episode will be Ed Staggs, the rider who runs Bohn Body Armor.

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We’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.