Episode 87, in which we knock some heads with Scott Holbrooks of Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

Nothing hurts the soul of a journalist more than missing a deadline, even if it’s a deadline he (or she) sets for themselves. That’s why this episode is coming to you on Tuesday rather than the traditional Monday. I burned a considerable amount of time last week researching and writing an episode of Just the Facts that, in the end, I decided to scrap. With the global pandemic, the motorcycle industry has come to a halt, and frankly, all the news is bad (at best). I decided you know it’s bad, I know it’s bad, so let’s just leave it at that. No reason to beat the dead horse and tell you exactly what’s bad about the motorcycle industry. Maybe by the end of May there will be some good news to bring to you.

Scott Holbrooks has been around in the industry, and his background gives him a unique perspective from the inside when it comes to how helmets are made and sold. Full disclosure – I own and am a big fan of a Simpson Ghost Bandit (videos embedded below) and I know Scott through his attendance at AIMExpos as well as MOA Rallies over the last few years. I hope you get as much out of the discussion as I did – the part about shell sizes was especially enlightening!

You can find Simpson Motorcycle Helmets on the web, of course, and on Facebook and Instagram. You can mail order a helmet directly from them, but I always recommend visiting an authorized dealer to try on helmets and find the one that truly fits you well. Don’t forget Scott’s advice on sizing a helmet!

Please take some time to visit our sponsors, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. I thank you, they thank you, we all thank you for listening!

Ghost Bandit unboxing

Ghost Bandit review

Tune in next time for a discussion with Andrew Serbinski, the industrial designer behind MachineArt Moto. Until then, we’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.