Episode 86, in which we forget to ask Clement Salvadori about his signature beret

Now. Just now. RIGHT NOW I realized I never asked Clem about that green beret he always wears. Shame on me!

I hope you’re able to get past that and listen to a fascinating discussion with one of the preeminent motorcycle journalists around, Clement Salvadori. He’s been a contributor to Rider magazine since 1988 and has written a number of books, all of which you can purchase quickly and easily through his website, clementsalvadori.com. He’ll even sign them for you if you ask nicely!  (PS always ask nicely. thank you!)

You’ll just have to read your way through Clem’s life to find out about his beret. Along the way you’ll find out about a number of bikes he’s owned, his trip around the world on a BMW R 75/5 and much, much, MUCH more. By the way – that photo of him on the front page of the website? He’s fixing a tube. In Kashmir. In 1973!

I have one book to finish and another in the queue and then I can read No Thru Road. I’m greatly looking forward to it! Even if you don’t want a signed copy, do him a favor and order his books through his website rather than going through Amazon. Buying direct – whether it’s music or books – cuts out the corporate middlemen and puts more money in the pockets of our beloved content creators. These days especially it could mean a lot to them.

I haven’t nailed down a guest for our next episode, but it should be out on schedule next week. In between there will be an episode of Just the Facts, so stay tuned to find out what little is going on in the motorcycle industry these days.

Please visit our sponsors, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. I look forward to seeing you somewhere on the road – or off it! …eventually. Ride safe.