Episode 70, in which we talk to Eric Hougen about luggage and the industry

In a lot of ways, Eric Hougen is a typical entrepreneur. As Bigweld (played by Mel Brooks) said in that never-to-be-classic animated movie Robots, “See a need, fill a need!” In his 20s, frustrated with the design of available backpacks, Eric decided he could do it better – so he set out to do just that. When he applied his drive to soft luggage for motorcycles, things escalated quickly and what started out as an idea turned into a multinational business.

Now 53 years old, Eric knows a lot about the inner workings of the motorcycle industry and he isn’t shy about sharing his knowledge and opinions. Find out all about it on the last discussion episode of Chasing the Horizon for 2019, now available right here!

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That’s it for the last discussion episode of 2019; discussions will be back in January with a visit from Mike Mandell, who runs Motorcycle Express, a motorcycle shipping company.