Episode 56, in which we talk to Jay Giraud, co-founder of Damon Motorcycles

Hi! We’re back after a quiet summer. Season 3 of Chasing the Horizon starts on Monday, 2 September. Season 3! Can you imagine that? Right here at the end of August, we’ve topped 100,000 downloads, a milestone I honestly never thought I’d see. I have only you fine listeners to thank for it!

Now be sure to tell your friends. I want to hit 200,000 by the end of Season 3!

We’re going out with a 1-2 punch. The setup (Episode 56) is a discussion episode featuring Jay Giraud, co-founder of Damon Motorcycles. Jay is an automotive tech startup veteran with a number of successful companies behind him, so when he turns his efforts towards keeping motorcyclists safer on the road, we should definitely be paying attention to what comes out of his labs.

There isn’t an elegant, thoughtfully-written collection of links for you this time around – the college history course I teach starts tomorrow and I need to get a bunch of stuff uploaded for them before I head to bed tonight. Just letting you know I took care of you first!


Jay Giraud