Episode 54, in which we talk to Wendy Crockett, winner of the 2019 Iron Butt Rally

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Here’s the discussion with none other than Wendy Crockett, winner of the 2019 Iron Butt Rally and the first woman to top the lineup:


You can connect with Wendy through her website, Third Wheel Adventures. She’s on the Insta, too: @thirdwheeladventure (note no ‘S’ on that one)

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(PS Wendy is the grown up in this photo. I think.)

(PPS I name-dropped Chris Comly in this episode, but didn’t intend to imply Chris swapped bikes mid-Rally one year. What happened was the engine on Chris’ bike grenaded and he replaced the engine, but it happened BETWEEN rallies, not in the middle of one. The engine swap became “got another bike” in my mind. Apologies for any confusion I may have caused. Check out Chris’ IBR ’19 ride report on his blog site.)