Episode 15, in which we talk to Give A Shift founder Robert Pandya

Robert Pandya is one of those guys who makes you buy motorcycles. He doesn’t twist your arm or threaten your best friend. Instead, he comes up with ideas how to make you not only want to buy a motorcycle, but to make you think it was your idea in the first place! That’s right, Robert is a marketer – and not just any marketer, either. He cut his teeth in the industry at a dealership and moved on from there. Now he’s sort of out of the marketing business and taking on a far greater task: promoting motorcycling as a whole. To that end, late last year he convened a roundtable to discuss the future of the industry and called it Give A Shift.  Tune in to Episode 15 to hear from Robert about Give A Shift and a whole lot more, and to find out what YOU (and me, and all our friends who ride) can do to keep motorcycling a vibrant part of our lives for many years to come.

(Hint: you may need to bathe.  I’m pretty sure Robert recommends that.)

We’re almost to 20,000 downloads and haven’t had a day of zero listens during the podcast’s entire run. That is 100% thanks to you, the listeners. Keep sharing, liking, promoting, preaching, teaching and spreading the word about my favorite podcast. We have some great guests for the rest of Season 1 (ending in May) and big plans for Season 2, which will run from August of this year to May of 2019 if all goes according to plan.

Here’s the show breakdown:

  • 0.00 Intro
  • 1.09 News
  • 8.18 Discussion w/Robert Pandya
  • 49.05 MOA plug: the Annual Rally
  • 52.21 Wrap-up
  • 53.21 Fin
Episode 16 will be out on 5 March and will feature a discussion with Porsche Taylor, the editor of Black Girls Ride magazine. We’ve got a top industry executive lined up for 19 March (stay tuned!) and maybe, just maybe, one of my favorite comedians for later in the season. (He’s agreed to do the show, we just have to figure out a time.)
Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it!

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    1. Sorry to hear you don’t like it, Gerard. If you’ve got some music you’ve created that you think might fit the show and are willing to let me use it for free, send it on! I’ll gladly consider anything you send for Season 2.

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