Episode 149, in which Richard Worsham of Janus Motorcycles writes a book (and more!)

We swear we’re not recycling episodes … but sometimes, people who have been on the show before do new things and so we like to have them back to talk about those new things. Such is the case with Richard Worsham, the founder of Janus Motorcycles. Not only does Janus have a brand-new 450 cc motorcycle in their lineup, but Richard wrote a book! (If you want to get caught up, Richard’s first appearance was in Episode 121 in October 2021.)

The Rambler’s Companion is a compact, easy-to-digest and even easier to pack book (complete with hand-drawn illustrations) looking at not just why we ride, but how we do it as well. Naturally, Richard is biased towards the lighter/smaller end of the motorcycle spectrum, but there’s plenty in The Rambler’s Companion for even the heaviest of heavyweight bike owners (and I mean heavy bikes, not heavy owners) to make your journey, be it long or short, more enjoyable. Pick up your own copy via Amazon; get the details in the Janus blog.

Meanwhile, you can visit, follow or join Janus Motorcycles online in a number of ways: website | Instagram | Facebook | X | YouTube.

In the news, we take a look at a Honda milestone in India, Royal Enfield’s new offerings in Europe, Japan and the USA, and a brand-new racing circuit featuring electric motorcycles.

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