Episode 148, in which we upscale couchsurfing with Christi Reynolds

There’s something about the entrepreneurial spirit that has always amazed me. It’s right up there next to knowing how to spell entrepreneurial without having to look it up. It’s about somebody having a vision of something that could—perhaps should—be and turning that vision into reality.

That’s Christi Reynolds, and that’s the Motorcycle Travel Network. It’s not “Airbnb for bikers;” rather, it’s a community of riders willing to offer their space to other riders for the purpose of what I called couchsurfing in my 20s. Only it doesn’t typically involve couches, but… well, just listen to Christi tell us all about it.

After the episode, you can check out the MTN online, on Facebook or on Instagram.

In the news, we take a look at Ducati’s second or third best year ever (depending on which numbers you choose), Husqvarna’s new Svartpilen 801, KTM’s accelerating takeover of MV Agusta, and LiveWire’s newest model, the S2 Mulholland—an actual cruiser!

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