Episode 132, in which we ride and write and overland with Bill and Susan Dragoo

The first word popping to mind when trying to describe Bill and Susan Dragoo is rugged. Everything about them practically screams salt of the earth, and you’d probably find them more comfortable around a campfire than a conference room table. Susan is working on a book and Bill is gearing up for another summer of training riders at the Overland Expo as it tracks across the country.

In addition to extensive journalism work for publications dedicated to both two- and four-wheel travel, they run Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART), with classes available at their home facilities in Oklahoma or at any number of events around the US. Visit billdragoo.com for Bill’s writing and information on DART; visit susandragoo.com for Susan’s endeavors (especially her fantastic photographs). Follow Dragoo Adventures on Instagram (@dragooadventures)

Probably the biggest news in the motorcycle industry in the US is the cancellation – sorry, “suspension” – of the Progressive IMS. In 2021, they moved to 100% outdoors events to adjust for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but just six weeks after announcing the tour schedule for 2022, they’ve decided to take a year off. Whether they ever come back or not remains to be seen, and of course if they come back you’ll hear about it here on Chasing the Horizon.

In electric news, it’s really less news and more a thoughtpiece from Simon Bertram, who takes a hard look at the electric motorcycle industry. His analysis closely aligns with my own, including his mentions of some highs and lows, including Harley, Zero and Damon. (Remember Episode 56 with Jay Giraud, Damon’s founder? Listen again!)

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