Episode 130, in which we catch up with Sam Manicom

With the onset of summer event/travel season and coming off one of the busiest spring seasons I can remember lately, it’s getting more difficult to get episodes of all three podcasts out in a timely fashion. As always, I appreciate your time and ears and hope you understand I’m still here.

Sam Manicom was one of our first guests, way back with Episode 13, in which he discussed a new book he was working on. With the pandemic following not long after, that book never got written, but another one did – The Moment Collectors. Sam joins us to catch up, talk about his new book and all in all just have a chat. Find out what he’s been up to and what The Moment Collectors is all about. (Links to buy your very own copy on the book’s page – just click the handy link there I left for you.)

EmGO Scramper electric motorcycle.

The news picks up with Ural where we left off last episode; in the meantime, the folks at RideApart nabbed an interview with Ural CEO Ilya Khait. The TLDR version is they’re still not producing anything, but they have plans to get back into action with a facility outside Russia sometime later in 2022.

On the electric front, EmGO, a Ukrainian builder of electric bikes, has moved production of their Scramper model to Poland.

Thanks to webBikeWorld for us get you the latest news about the motorcycle industry. Be sure to check out their website for the latest motorcycle news and in-depth product reviews.

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