Episode 103, in which we bump and burn out with author Geoff Holladay

Howdy all! Just a quick update here, as your erstwhile host is currently recovering from COVID and therefore didn’t do as much prep work for this episode as he typically does. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even host the discussion, turning that over to his partner, Penelope, who made a previous appearance in Episode 76. She is, after all, the only expert on authors he knows.

Geoff Holladay is the author of two fantastic children’s books, Bumper’s Garage and The Big Book of Burnouts, both of which were illustrated by Mark Morgan. The art here (by Mark) is from Bumper’s Garage. While TBBB is his newest book and about cars, BG is a fantastic story featuring two wheels that every kid – young and old – can relate to. I was certainly lucky to have my very own Bumper in my life growing up.

You can connect with Geoff through the Bumper’s Garage website or on Instagram (@bumpersgarage). His books are available direct through the website; BG is also available on Amazon – but if you do buy them, buy from his website as that’s the best way to support an author.

Visit Mark’s website as well, where he shows off (and sells) his art.

The only news item in this episode is about the FBI raiding Ducati’s North American Headquarters. We’ll have another episode out as soon as we can and thanks for your patience and understanding.