Episode 91, in which we rent motorcycles with Guillermo Cornejo

Guillermo Cornejo of Riders Share with his business partners.
Guillermo Cornejo (at right) with his partners at Riders Share.

Greetings one and all, it’s time for another episode of Chasing the Horizon! I hope your summer is off to a good start. All my bikes are now street legal, so I think I’m starting June in good shape.

My guest on this episode is Guillermo Cornejo, the entrepreneur behind Riders Share, which you could describe as the AirBnb of motorcycles. It’s a neat concept – you can rent another rider’s bike or allow other riders to rent yours. Get into the nuts and bolts of it and find out what it takes to run a motorcycle start-up.

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We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with Chris Comly, a long-distance rider, to find out more about how that all works. See you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.

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