Episode 33, in which we talk to Cuba travel expert Christopher P. Baker

We all have our bucket list destinations, those places our deepest desires push us to visit. For me, the top two on the list are Australia and Cuba. That’s one of the reasons I tracked down journalist, travel writer and regular contributor to the BMW MOA’s monthly magazine, Owners News, Christopher P. Baker. It’s also one of the reasons why my discussion with him kicks off Season Two’s series of travel episodes. Mixed in with “regular” guests throughout the season will be riders like Christopher who have travelled by motorcycle to places many of us have dreams of riding to, in and through.  Here we kick it off with Christopher’s in-depth knowledge of riding in Cuba; coming up later this season are Mongolia, Russia, New Zealand, New Jersey (not as deadly as you might think!) and one of my favorites, the United States through the eyes of a British rider.

Christopher on an Indian Roadmaster atop Beleach na Ba pass, Scotland. (copyright Christopher P. Baker)

The news is short and sweet in this episode – with Intermot, AIMExpo and EICMA all on the horizon, motorcycle manufacturers aren’t doing much lately. Expect the next few weeks to be exciting, though!

Episode 34 will be out on Monday, 15 October and there’s two interesting things about that one.  First, I’ll be putting it together while I’m in Las Vegas for AIMExpo, so don’t be surprised if it’s short on news – I’ll be doing an AIMExpo wrap-up episode for #35, which will be out on Monday, 29 October.  More importantly, for #34 I talked to Fred Juarez.  Don’t sweat it if you’ve not heard his name before, he’s only recently become news in the motorcycle industry.  Fred won the Indian Scout Bobber Build Off, beating out dozens of other hopefuls in a process that produced some truly amazing one-off bikes. Tune in for that fascinating discussion!

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Show breakdown
0.00 Welcome to Chasing the Horizon!
0.38 News
5.57 MOA Plug: the Anonymous Book
8.00 Discussion with Christopher P. Baker
40.22 The Dunlop Information Minute
41.39 Farewell to Thee
43.14 Fin


I’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.