Episode 146, in which we knock down cones with Quinn Redeker

Huh. Well … that break took longer than anticipated. So much time has passed that I decided we’d skip to Season 8 and here we are with Episode 146, featuring BMW Motorrad Authority Ambassador and renowned motor officer trainer Quinn Redeker. Quinn will be a featured trainer and participant at the MOA’s Motorrad Fest in September, 2024.

It’s a lot to unpack right there, and y’all know I don’t usually throw the BMW affiliation in your face for fear of looking like an absolute shill. I think we can all recognize the need to promote certain things from time to time, and I’ve never hidden the fact that I work for the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. I’ve also mentioned our events on the show before, and so here we are and I’m back after a long hiatus and throwing the MOA in your face and blatantly promoting one of our events.

Now that’s out in the open, we can move on!

One day long after he grew up amongst the actors and artistes found in Hollywood, Quinn woke up and decided he wanted to do something to reduce and prevent human trafficking. The only problem was he was in cosmetics sales at the time. He figured out how to achieve his goal and between his suit & tie days and now, he spent time as a patrol officer, a motor officer and later, a detective dedicated to – you guessed it – rooting out human traffickers and putting them behind bars. Now that he’s retired, he spends his time talking to people about BMW authority motorcycles, competing in police rodeos and training both police and civilians how to ride their motorcycles at the extremes of their capabilities. (PS jump to the bottom of the page to see a sample of Quinn’s abilities on a bike.)

Along with my discussion with Quinn is a lengthy story about 2023 unit sales from Harley-Davidson and BMW Motorrad. Which do you think sold more bikes last year?

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