Episode 142, in which we find Women In the Front Seat with filmmaker Indy Saini

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Rest assured I never forgot about you, but without getting too deep into it, I needed some time off to provide full-time care for a family member. We’re all getting back to normal now, which means the stream of podcast episodes (all 3 shows) will resume … starting with filmmaker Indy Saini. To kick things off, I’ll let the trailer for her documentary, Women In the Front Seat, speak for itself.

I tell her (in the episode) the story of how I became aware of her film, and I have to admit I was instantly fascinated by the idea of a motorcycle doc focused on women and featuring a number of women of color as well. While the percentage of female motorcyclists is growing, they remain a minority, and an often marginalized one at that. I wanted to find out more and to feature Indy’s story as a way to continue learning more about the community of motorcycle riders to which I have tied myself for nearly three decades.

Indy will be making an appearance at this year’s MOA National Rally for a seminar during the day and to host a screening of WITFS in the evening. If you’re interested in attending, don’t hesitate – the MOA welcomes everybody at the rally, no matter what brand you ride or really even if you ride at all! Find out more about the Rally and how to register at rally.bmwmoa.org.

Follow Indy on Facebook or Instagram and stream WITFS now on Amazon Prime. The film features Iron Butt Rally winner (and Episode 54 guest) Wendy Crockett, Valerie Dumond, Eva Rupert and dozens of other women riders.

The news is about one thing – well, two things really – Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorcycles NO WAIT THREE THINGS! and their annual reports for 2022. Find out how they stacked up against each other in our favorite industry. If you’re curious to dig deeper, you can find both the Harley-Davidson 2022 Report and the BMW Group 2022 Report right here on the CTH website. (Note: these documents are in PDF format, you’ll need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat to read them.)

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