Episode 105: Harley-Davidson’s Pan America: Will it be awesome or will it suck? A discussion with Jim Pruner.

Social media giveth … and social media taketh away. Like you, I probably belong to more social media-based motorcycle groups than I could possibly keep up with, but one of the ones I’ve been paying close attention to lately is dedicated to the newest Harley-Davidson to come off the production line …soon… the Pan America. Harley’s adventure bike isn’t out yet, but already it is gathering a ton of attention. Expectations are high – and critical.

This is what everybody imagines they’ll be doing on their Pan America. (photos on this page borrowed from Web Bike World)

When I came across an article about Harley’s 2021 lineup by Jim Pruner on Web Bike World, I knew I had to ask Jim to be on the show to talk about the Pan America. We have a similar mindset about the bike, but I wanted to dig into his thoughts on the bike a bit more and then share that discussion with you, of course.

This episode is a bit of a departure from our typical news-and-discussion episodes, as it wraps the news and the discussion into one segment. Feel free to drop me a line ([email protected]) and share your impressions of the episode. If we get enough positive feedback, we’ll do other episodes like this as the motorcycle industry develops.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 105: Harley-Davidson’s Pan America: Will it be awesome or will it suck? A discussion with Jim Pruner.”

  1. Hi Wes,
    Like all your podcasts I’ve enjoyed this episode. During the discussion with Jim you both made reference to something about, guessing here, the new HD lowering itself. I don’t remember you following up with a reference to the information source. I only mentions this because having a 29″ inseam most adventure bikes are not something I’m interested in. Perhaps on your next podcase you can call out that reference.

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