Bonus episode! More from the floor at AIMExpo 2018

As promised on the page for Episode 36, the AIMExpo wrap-up with Scott Correy & Liz Howe, here’s the bonus episode. In it, you’ll hear …

Bonus breakdown
0.00 Welcome to Chasing the Horizon BONUS EPISODE!!
0.41 Kris Flatt of MirrorLok
3.47 “Long Haul” Paul Peland
08.32 Jessica Prokup of Twisted Throttle
16.52 Nick Oldham of High Point Hummer & ATV Tours & Rentals
18.10 Brian and Tom from Las Vegas
21.04 Aaron and Mike from
23.44 Mona and Doug from Houston
25.25 Moira and Evan and Diedre from Texas
29.03 Scott Holbrooks from Simpson Motorcycle Helmets
33.11 Farewell to Thee
34.21 Fin

That’s it! Thanks for listening.

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We’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.