An announcement: Welcome to MOTORCYCLE TEST KITCHEN!

Ladies, gentlemen and motorcycle riders of all ages! I’m here today to tell you about the newest offering from Chasing the Horizon.


(Yes, the ! is part of the official title.)

The first two videos are up and there are more to come. Enjoy! Subscribe! Thank you!

Simpson Ghost Bandit review

Tecmate’s OptiMATE 4 Dual Program unboxing & motorcycle winterizing tip(s)

Coming soon: Touratech Aventuro 2.0 unboxing and Moto Manufacturing MirrorLok unboxing & installation. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “An announcement: Welcome to MOTORCYCLE TEST KITCHEN!”

  1. Wes,

    You forgot to mention a few of the strongest reasons for buying an Optimate . . .

    1) the ability to provide desulphation
    2) when in Can-Bus mode communicates with the bikes can bus system
    3) pulse charging after complete charge
    4) microprocessor unit can revive heavily discharged battery in most cases

    Ask me how I know owned two of them for the past 7 years on my Odyssey PC680 batteries

    1. Great points, Dan. I didn’t know about the CAN bus mode thing – since my power socket isn’t connected to the CAN bus, I leave my Optimate in regular mode.

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