Episode 16, in which we talk to Porsche Taylor, editor of Black Girls Ride magazine

Here we are about two-thirds of the way through Season 1 and it’s Episode 16 time!

My conversation with Porsche Taylor, the founder and editor of Black Girls Ride magazine, was fantastic, fun, breezy and wide-ranging. It was my first “phoneterview” involving somebody I’d never met, and she made it a wonderful experience.

I get the feeling Porsche is at home talking about anything motorcycle-related to anybody, any time. I’m glad I get to share our conversation with you, because I learned a lot. I know a good number of women who ride, but few of them are black, so I was excited to hear Porsche’s stories and perspective on the world of motorcycling.

You’ll hear a lot of yourself in our discussion, and Porsche’s passion for motorcycling comes through like a hot knife cutting through butter. (I’m working on incorporating one cheesy cliché into each episode’s entry, so that’s #2 for you!) You can also find out why I had an irresistible urge to rewatch the movie Biker Boyz.

The news in this episode looks at Royal Enfield’s sales numbers, new bikes from Indian and Zero, and Harley-Davidson’s stock price woes and their investment in a California e-motorcycle startup.

Show breakdown:

0.00 Intro
0.38 News
6.23 Discussion with Porsche Taylor
59.37 MOA Plug: join us at a Getaway!
60.58 Wrap-up
61.58 Fin


Episode 17 will be out on 19 March and will feature a discussion with Rod Copes, CEO of Royal Enfield USA. April episodes will feature Court Butler of Butler Maps and photographer Alexander Pain and the season will run to the end of May.
Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.
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