Episodes 8 *and* 9! (Polly Pierce and Ted Porter)


When I logged in to write this email, I realized I never sent the email for Episode 8.  Shame on me!  Due to that egregious oversight, I’ll include the E8-specific links in this email and apologize profusely to Polly Pierce for failing to follow through on promoting her episode.

By the way – because of you and people just like you, Chasing the Horizon has been listened to nearly 9,000 times – and 10,000 listens isn’t far off – or is that aren’t far off? No matter.  I want to offer my sincerest, most heartfelt thanks to everybody who listens to the podcast even once.  It’s a labor of love and I can’t express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to speak to you on a regular basis.

Episode 9 is out now and it features a pared-down news section followed by my discussion with Ted Porter of the Beemershop.  This episode is perhaps the most BMW-centric of all of them so far, as the Beemershop does provide parts & service primarily for BMW motorcycles. However, some of their services cross marque boundaries – for example, they sell, service and rebuild shocks, which nearly all motorcycles have.  At any rate, Ted’s an interesting person and businessman, so even if you don’t ride a BMW, it’s an interesting discussion.

The news featured in this episode has to do with MotoGP and World Superbike, motorcycle racing’s premiere international circuits.  I promised links to their 2018 schedules, and here they are:

Also mentioned in the news portion of this episode is information about KTM, Triumph and a certain British royal figure.  Links for more information on those topics and other things mentioned in Episode 9 (and 8) are right …here!
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Episode 8, in which we talk to Polly Pierce, brand ambassador & product tester for Moto Chic (13 Nov 17)

Episode 9, in which we talk to Ted Porter of The Beemershop (27 Nov 17)