Episode 93, in which Chris Comly takes on the Iron Butt Rally with a Sportster

This isn’t Chris Comly.

This is Chris Comly’s grandfather – on a 1911 Harley-Davidson.

Not only is this a fantastic bit of history, it’s a great way to note how motorcycling gets into our souls. We often take inspiration from our family when it comes to riding; for me, it was an uncle who raced motocross when I was a little kid. He’s the only person in my family I even knew of who rode a motorcycle of any sort. I wonder if my kid or my cousin’s kids will ever take up riding and someday say, “Yeah, it was Wes who inspired me to start riding.”

Until then, we can all check out Chris’ episode of Chasing the Horizon.

To learn more about Chris, the Iron Butt Rally and his fixation on Sportsters, check out Chris’ Riding Adventures. You can learn more about the Iron Butt Association and the Iron Butt Rally on the IBA website.

I hope you get to ride a bit this summer (or winter, I know some of y’all live in the upside down). I’m trying to figure out where I can go for out-and-back trips, as lodging is still problematic in my home state. It’s easy enough to pack lunch and some snacks and water and stay out all day, but it’s nice to relax at the end of a 300- or 400-mile day in a quiet motel somewhere, get a good night’s rest and find a way back home on roads you didn’t just ride the day before.

Tell me your stories – drop me an email to [email protected]. Selected stories will be included in upcoming episodes! In the meantime, I’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.