Episode 74, in which we fabricate things with Jeremy Lebreton of Alt Rider

Oh my goodness, folks. I was so sick last week. So, so sick. I’m feeling better …marginally… but still not 100%.  You still get an episode, though! (OK it’s a bit later than usual, but it *is* still technically Monday).

This time around our guest is Jeremy Lebreton, the founder of Alt Rider. They make stuff – accessories and gear, you might even call some of what they make farkles. While they tend to focus their offerings on adventure bikes, much of what they make and sell can be cross-purposed for all riders.

Jeremy knows a lot about the industry from deep inside, and listening to him talk about steel is frankly far more engaging than you could ever believe. Apparently he does some fairly extreme riding as well. Check it out.

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Stay tuned for the next discussosode on 3 February – the guests are Nancy & Mark, authors of the Mimi & Moto books. Another Just the Facts newsosode will be out before end of the month.

See you out there somewhere on the road – or off it! Ride safe.


Jeremy Lebreton (right) talks materials at a steel mill supplying metal for Alt Rider’s products.