Episode 3, in which we talk to Tom Larson, founder of the Motorcycle Relief Project

Good morning! Happy Monday!  If this were any other work-week Monday, I would suspect this finds you already ensconced in your daily routine, but here in the USA it’s Labor Day, a holiday for many of us. If you’re off work today, enjoy it.  If not, enjoy that too.

Episode 3 of Chasing the Horizon is now available.  This episode features some minor changes over previous ones – as you know, we’re in the soft launch period and I’m still tweaking the format a little.  Please feel free to send comments, critiques and ideas to me – email [email protected].

My guest in E3 is Tom Larson, who founded the Motorcycle Relief Project. MRP’s mission is to help combat veterans find some peace by forging new bonds between them and engaging in our common love of motorcycles. You can learn more about the MRP by visiting their website.

Unlike previous episodes, I feel I should give you a heads-up that this episode features a frank discussion of mental health issues facing our veterans as well as ourselves, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result, it may not be well suited for younger listeners. I urge you to take that into consideration before letting any youngsters listen to this episode.

Thanks AGAIN for your continued support as we (me + the MOA) continue to build support for Chasing the Horizon. We’re making good progress, but we need every download, listen – and SHARE! – that you can give us. MANY thanks!