Episode 28, in which we talk to Stuart Ostroff, an electrical expert

If you’re sensing a pattern here over the course of recent episodes… well, I’m not going to say electricity hasn’t been on my mind.  That’s not going to change with the first two episodes of Season Two, but I don’t want to spoil that for you, so I’ll focus on this episode right here!

Much like last time (Episode 27, in which we talk to Susanna Schick), I hadn’t really planned on putting out this episode.  Things pop up, though, and I found myself working on the first in a series of articles about motorcycle electrical systems and I needed an expert to consult with and figure out my first critical issue: Can a motorcycle electrocute you?

When I have a technical question I can’t answer on my own, I seek out experts. That’s one of the inspirations behind Chasing the Horizon in the first place, after all – learning about stuff I don’t know from people who know all about it!  Luckily for me, I know a guy who used to build complex electrical systems for a living. Seriously, he created an entire electrical system for a well-known liquor company when they wanted to put a giant mechanized cucumber slicer on a box truck to tour the USA and promote their product. Having seen the control system he built for that, I knew Stuart was the guy to go to for electrical information. Then, of course, I had the idea to record our conversation, include some general electrical questions and here we are with another technical episode of the show.

Photographic proof that this episode’s guest knows about electronics – owning a Norton in the 1960s required it!

Season Two is still on schedule, and the first episode will be out on Monday, 3 September. It will be the first of two two-part episodes making up Motorcycle Manufacturer Month. October, November and December will see a number of shows focused on various aspects of motorcycle travel, from the epic to the mundane.  It’s the first time I’m trying to incorporate some kind of theme to the season arc of the show, I guess we’ll see how it goes from there.

I normally put the MOA plugs in the episode, and certainly this one has one, but I want to put it in writing as well. If you’re interested in motorcycle electrical systems – even if you don’t ride a BMW – you might be interested in joining the MOA for a year to receive our excellent magazine, BMW Owners News.  The series of columns will start in October, so you have plenty of time to get signed up.  I know $49 sounds like a lot to pay for 12 issues of a fantastic magazine, but there are a lot more benefits to joining the MOA than just receiving the magazine. For those things, you can listen to the show and click the link below.

Show breakdown

  • 0.00 Intro
  • 0.41 News
  • 5.41 Discussion with Stuart Ostroff
  • 55.50 MOA plug – sign up for a year’s membership, get our excellent magazine!
  • 56.40 Wrap-up and thanks
  • 59.10 Fin


I’ll see you out there somewhere on the road – or off it. Ride safe!