Episode 116, in which we talk writing, advocacy and endurance riding in the Hoka Hey with Julie Nordskog of Ride Texas

Welcome to Episode 116 of Chasing the Horizon, a podcast by, for and about motorcyclists. In this episode, our guest is Julie Nordskog, a writer and editor primarily for Ride Texas. Julie has also ridden – and finished – the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge on her full-dress Harley. (Check out a piece she did for Twisted Throttle on prepping her Road Glide for the challenge.) She’s also active with women’s riding associations and … well, you’ll want to listen to our discussion to find out what else she does with and for motorcyclists.

A lot of times, I’m able to stick to a single topic with our guests, but because Julie’s experience and expertise is as varied as it is, our discussion got fairly long, so the news is a bit short this time to keep the episode at a reasonable length. Tune in to Episode 117 for a longer news segment to get you caught up on what’s going on in the motorcycle industry.

We focus on Harley-Davidson – which we thought was well suited to complement Julie’s penchant for the brand. Harley has put the engine from the Pan America – their Revolution Max liquid-cooled 1250CC V-twin – in another motorcycle, calling this one the Sportster S. They’ve also launched their dealer-based and occasionally factory-backed used bike sales portal, the H-D1 Marketplace.

In electric bike news, Zero launched their newest model and claim the FXE (kind of a Harley-esque name, isn’t it?) can go 100 miles on a full charge.

Thanks to webBikeWorld for funneling news our way, and be sure to check out their website for the latest motorcycle news and in-depth product reviews.

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