Episode 113, in which we party for 10 days straight with Rod Woodruff at the Buffalo Chip

Rod Woodruff had the idea for a place near Sturgis, South Dakota, where rally attendees could go and not have to worry about anything but having a good time. His idea solidified as the Buffalo Chip, one of the largest campgrounds in the country – and one with a full-service Harley shop and multiple concert stages on site!

Rod Woodruff aboard a Ness motorcycle built for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Photo by Aaron Packard.

Before we get into the news this episode, I want to remind you I’m about to embark on a six-week trip from Virginia to California and back, with a week-long stop at the MOA Rally in Great Falls, Montana, along the way. I’ll still be trying to get at least one episode a month done, but if I miss one, I hope you’ll understand.

An unknown Buffalo Chip camper aboard a Swiss-registered motorcycle.

If you live in or near the path of the Lincoln Highway and would like to get together, drop me an email to [email protected]. If you know of something of interest to motorcyclists in one of those cities (or somewhere in-between), please let me know. A museum, a builder, anything like that. I’ll do my best to turn your suggestion into a future episode!

You can follow my travels on Instagram (@chasingthehorizonpodcast); I’ve already started a countdown of activity ahead of the trip and I promise to keep using IG to chronicle the trip!

Now – on with the news! Lane splitting is no longer a dream in Oregon – it’s a reality! Well, as long as the governor signs the bill the state legislature passed, anyway. There are some restrictions, so check out the episode to find out more.

BMW continues to push technological envelopes, this time coming in with patents for adaptive traction control and removable/replaceable carbon fiber frame-stiffening components; those will start out as you can probably guess on their S 1000 RR, but will hopefully make their way into the rest of their lineup quickly. We also update you on the status of BMW’s electric concept scooter, the Definition CE 04.

In the electric world, 31% of UK riders say they’d rather quit riding than ride electric motorcycles, and Harley-Davidson has finally (after announcing they would be doing so in February) split their electric motorcycle division off into its own company, called LiveWire. Visit the new website or follow them on Instagram (@livewireev).

A Harvard scientist says he’s made a breakthrough on battery technology for EVs, which is good, because Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali says it’s batteries that are preventing his company from developing electric motorcycles.

Food-based analogy of how the new lithium metal battery developed by a Harvard scientist works.

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