Abhi Eswarappa is Bike-Urious (043)

He's been on Jay Leno's Garage and now he's on Chasing the Horizon - it's Bike-Urious founder Abhi Eswarappa. Join us to hear about how a Massachusetts kid finds his way to California and starts the coolest used-bike website on the web.

Paul Phillips rides backwards for work (042)

Sitting on the back of a motorcycle is one thing, but sitting backwards on a motorcycle while trying to capture amazing photographs is an entirely different skill set. That's exactly what Paul Phillips does, though, and you can hear all about it in Episode 42.

AFT Singles racer Jesse Janisch (041)

Picture hurtling yourself down a packed dirt straightaway, then pitching yourself wildly into a sliding sideways turn, throttle pinned open and one foot skimming the ground like an outrigger. Or as Jesse Janisch calls it, "Saturday during race season for 15 laps of joy and terror." Find out what it's like to race in American Flat Track in Episode 41. (Photo by Scott Hunter for AFT.)

Coming Soon...

Episode 44 will feature dog (and sidecar) fanatic Peter Burke. It will be out on Monday, 18 February 2019.

Racing schedule for 2019

Whether you're into American Flat Track, MotoAmerica, MotoGP or World Superbike, here's a list of dates for all of those circuits and their races in 2019.

It's Your Reason For Motorcycling

The podcast, while part of the MOA's broad approach to content, is not meant to be a BMW-motorcycle-only podcast, and you'll be treated to news and information from across the motorcycle industry, as well as motorcyclists (and motorcycles) of every make, marque, model and vintage. Chasing the Horizon is meant to appeal to everybody who rides a motorcycle, no matter where they're from, how old (or young) they are or what kind of motorcycle they ride.

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