Stuart Ostroff, Electrical Expert (028)

When I heard about a guy getting killed by his motorcycle - not on it, but by it - I knew I had to find an expert to tell me if electrocution by motorcycle is really a thing.

Susanna Schick, electric bike lover (027)

A review I came across inspired me to seek out its author. Little did I know how charismatic the writer would turn out to be and what a fun conversation we would have.

(oh ... plus news about Harley's new adventure bike!)

Tom Putnam, Beeline co-founder (026)

Tom's half the team that came up with the Beeline and the new Beeline Moto, and I got him to tell me all about why he and his team came up with the original bicycle-oriented unit and then expanded their scope into motorcycling.

Coming Soon...

Episode 29 - the first episode of Season Two - will be out on Monday, 3 September. It will kick off Motorcycle Manufacturer Month, highlighted by two two-part episodes, the first of which features a discussion with Matt Chambers of Curtiss Motorcycles.

It's Your Reason For Motorcycling

The podcast, while part of the MOA's broad approach to content, is not meant to be a BMW-motorcycle-only podcast, and you'll be treated to news and information from across the motorcycle industry, as well as motorcyclists (and motorcycles) of every make, marque, model and vintage. Chasing the Horizon is meant to appeal to everybody who rides a motorcycle, no matter where they're from, how old (or young) they are or what kind of motorcycle they ride.

Listen to each episode right here.

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Praise for the Show

Music is great, but on very long rides, I find I like to listen to podcasts instead. They have a way of making hours and miles pass effortlessly and have an added interest factor over music. I load them on my phone and then stream them wirelessly to my helmet. I recently did a 914-mile day in hot temperatures and I listened to several podcasts along the way. It took my mind off the heat and monotony of Interstates 70 and 74 heading west, as I have done these stretches too many times to count. Some of my favorites are the motorcycle content [podcasts]called Chasing the Horizon done by Wes Fleming. Even if you don’t use a communicator, I think you might like his podcasts when you have some time to relax and enjoy them. Try one or two out and see what you think. He does a very professional job with them and interviews some very interesting people in the motorcycle community.

--Bruce M